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Původní cena 8 390 Kč  s DPH
Cena: 7 550 Kč  s DPH
Dostupnost: Všechny uvedené varianty jsou skladem
Kód zboží: 330359 SNB
Záruka: 24

Dodání do 5-ti dnů.

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The ANYTHING does not only make carving a walk in the park, it is also the perfect board for freestyle sessions. The new hybrid construction DCT 2.0 has the nickname “autopilot” for a reason. The board has four added contact points with the snow, paired with a longer effective backside edge. This assures a perfect position, resulting in optimized control in all conditions, which makes carving easy. At the same time, the ANYTHING is very playful and forgiving, as it features a soft torsional flex. The reduced weight in the boards tip and tail add to this, making it very dynamic and easy to turn. Your advantage: more fun, for longer.

This is the ideal board for you, if you already have gained some riding experience and are now looking for the “one for all”.

Úroveň: pokročilí
Camber: Hybrid Camber Pop
Architecture: Play Board Architecture
Flex index: 7
Base: Sintered Base
Délka waist Contact radius Med. Stance Setback Rider Weight
136 23.3 (23.7) 103,0 6,5 46 1,0 30-50
140 23.5 (23.9) 107,5 6,9 48 1,0 40-70
144 23.7 (24.1) 110,0 7,1 50 1,0 40-70
148 24.4 (24.8) 113,5 7,3 52 1,0 50-80
151 24.7 (25.1) 115,5 7,5 54 1,0 50-80
154 25.1 (25.5) 117,5 7,7 56 1,0 50-80
157 25.5 (25.9) 119,5 7,9 58 1,0 70-90
161 25.9 (26.3) 122,5 8,1 60 1,0 70-90



  • The composition of Hybrid Camber POP is found in two different shapes, Long Directional for extra float & Twin Directional for all-mountain pleasure: This build features an elevated flat section and a slight Rocka in tip and tail, combing edge hold with pop & float.
  • Basalt fibres are stronger and lighter than regular fiberglass and less brittle than carbon. This allows us to build lighter, more durable boards with improved flex and pop. Our most responsive flex patterns feature two V shaped stringers in the boards tip and tail.